Day 3

The party decided to venture further into the cave to see what the quasit was guarding. As they progressed into the cave, the walls started to take on a more hewn look as if they had been worked roughly by the hands of men. Finally the party reached a door behind which appeared to be light.
After carefully examining the door to check for traits and listening inside, the party decided to peek inside. Behind the door, the party find a round room lit by torches at the center of which was a metal dish on a pedestal. Azmalor sent his owl familiar to scout the room. The familiar saw writing in the dish but Azmalor couldn’t decipher the writing, but after the party all examined the dish Momo Mocksis identified the writing as abyssal. It read, “Water runs down, but fire rises up.” Closer examination of the dish revealed a small amount of ash in the dish and splashes of water around the pedestal. After some puzzling the party poured some water into the dish and held a torch above the dish. Suddenly the floor started sinking, turning into a spiral staircase leading down to another halfway. Another room was at the end of that halfway.
This room was triangular with a chest and two doors at the opposite end and a single rope hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Once again, Azmalor’s familiar scouted the room. Azmalor’s commanded the creature to return to him by walking the path which the party planned to take to the opposite end if the room. When no harm befell the familiar, Roywyn Nackle calmly walked into the room inadvertantly setting off a pressure plate. The floor ahead of Roywyn setting down to reveal a spike pit below the rope. Even though it looked like they could swing on the rope to get across the pit. The party decided to use their unique talents together. They tied a rope around Roywyn’s waist. Aldrin Falkor positioned himself in front of the pit and Roywyn took a running jump toward him. With the boost from Aldrin, Roywyn handily cleared the spike pit, sticking the landing while making it look easy. Roywyn examined the chest and found it secured to the floor. She tied the rope around the chest while the others secured the other end to the door. With the rope in place, they all shimmied across the pit, discovering that the dangling rope was secured to a bell which would have sounded had they used it to swing across the pit. When they all reached the chest they opened it to find just some gold. Azmalor snuffed out the torches with some prestidigitation, which allowed them to see that there was a small amount of light coming from one door and no light coming from the other. The party decided that with the lights out it was safe to quietly peek through the door without light coming through the cracks. Upon examining the room, they found what appeared to be a dormitory with two cultists sleeping. The party quietly sneaked in and after determining that the people were not prisoners, knocked the them unconscious. In the room they found robes and “holy” books apparently referencing Narzugog. The party dressed in the robes and Azmalor took one of the books for his own library. At the end of the dormitory was another door without light coming from it. The party examined it, but it appeared to be only a kitchen, larder, and facilities. The party sneaked into the other room to find another dormitory with two robed men studying books at desks. Because of the dim light and the disguises, those men didn’t give the party much thought, but only went back to their work. The men studying didn’t even detect anything was amiss until the party attacked them also. Inside the dorms were no valuables. Apparently everything of value was kept in the chest outside.
It was at this point that the party felt like they were missing something. They returned to the room with the pedestal. This time they figured that they may actually need to touch fire to the pedestal in order to make something else happen. When they tried this the stairs shifted so that they went up instead of down. The party cautiously ascended the stairs and went down the hallway at the top.
At the end, they found a steel banded door. After checking out for traps, they peeked inside to see a hooded man at an altar surrounded by three demons. The man appears to be performing a ritual with the year in hand. The party opened the door fully and end. Due to their disguises, the party surprised the cultists. Before the cultists could respond, Azmalor put the man to sleep with a spell. I’m the mean time, Momo and Aldrin began dispatching the demons while Roywyn sneaked behind a pillar to get a better angle. Without warning a sword from the cultist’’s belt rose by itself and started attacking the party. Roywyn acted quickly to attempt to secure the Tear before any of the demons could recover it. Vaulting onto the altar, her attempt to grab the Tear was unsuccessful. Once there she discovereed that the altar was itself a giant stone demon face with some sort of magical portal in the mouth about one foot across. As the rest of the party continued the fight, Roywyn again tried to pick up the Tear only to have a demon arm erupt from the portal and also attempt to grab the Tear. Ultimately Roywyn was successful. The party finished off the rest of the demons quickly while the sound of angry howling could be heard from the portal. The only remaining enemy combatant was the magical flying sword.
Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, the party decided to take their prize and run. Azmalor’s owl familiar was sacrificed to distract the sword while the party slammed the door.
The party returned to Aakremena where they found the mayor and several town guards attempting to initiate eviction proceedings because the temple was in violation of its charter by not having a relevant artifact in its posession. By producing the tear, the party had put a stop to the eviction attempt and sent the mayor off in a huff. They then settled down for a well deserved rest.



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