Day 1

Who stole the Tear?

Momo Mocksis and Aldrin Falkor were interrupted from their evening listening to stories and drinking wine with Master Razeth by the alarm bell going off and Marston Icedriver running up to explaining that the Tear of Bahamut is missing. Momo and Aldrin were instructed to gather up whatever help they required and investigate the disappearance, much to the chagrin of Marston. Momo and Aldrin went into town to get their associates, Azmalor and Roywyn Nackle. The party then returned to the temple, Aakremena, to investigate.
Inside the room in which the Tear was stored was a solitary pedestal with what appeared to be a faintly glowing card. Approaching the card allowed Momo to hear a faint unintelligible whispering and Azmalor felt only a faint magical emanation. Aldrin was finally brave enough to try to turn the card over to see what was on the other side. The card burst into a small harmless flame leaving only a small pile of ash which Azmalor collected. Seeing the card burst into flame triggered a memory in Roywyn that led the party to seek out the advice of a contact within the Secret Combination named Octavius Tamnir who is often located at the Cock and Jug.
At a quiet table in the corner of the Cock and Jug, Octavius was finishing a conversation with a large man with a wolf. After the conclusion of that conversation, the man quickly walked out and Octavius motioned the party over. He informed the party that the whispering card is a trademark of Nyah Whisperfoot, that he heard she was in town, and that he had just sent a bounty hunter after her, but that they could claim the bounty if they found her first. Octavius also told them where her disused safehouse was and sent them on their way.
Upon arriving at the safehouse and looking into a window, the party saw only some knocked-over furniture. Roywyn successfully unlocked the door and entering revealed a trail of blood leading up to and abruptly stopping at a wall. Further investigation revealed a mechanism to unlock and open the door with the blood trail continuing down a set of stairs. Suddenly, the bounty hunter and his wolf appeared outside the safehouse. The party entered the secret door and shut it from the other side. At the bottom of the stairs, the party found Nyah bleeding to death, but still conscious. She implored them for help and the party provided medical assistance. As the party was questioning Nyah, they heard the wolf clawing at the door to the safehouse. Soon the bounty hunter figured out how to open the door and the party decided to help Nyah and stop the bounty hunter. After defeating the bounty hunter and his wolf, the party again questioned Nyah about the Tear.
Nyah told the party that at the exchange location the client, a man with a limp in a robe, tried to have her killed, which was why she was bleeding. She told the party where the “exchange” took place.
The party then returned to the temple to rest before returning to their search.



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